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Meinl Sonic Energy

In 2023, Harriet partnered with the renowned instrument manufacturer, Meinl Sonic Energy and became a brand ambassador for their musical instruments. Working closely with the brand, they produce video meditation and sound bath content as well as written guides on the Sonic Energy range, which you can find below:


With over seven years of experience working with the Meinl Sonic Energy collection, Harriet is now an educator for their products. She shares guidance and knowledge about their instruments and teaches people how to incorporate them into their work and meditation practice.


With her passion and experience, Harriet recently developed the first-of-its-kind holistic body treatment alongside Ashmira Botanica, a luxury skincare brand, and Meinl Sonic Energy. The Sonic Energy Treatment is a full-body energy-based clay massage that nourishes your soul through a journey of sound, vibration, and elemental healing. This treatment will launch in January 2024.

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