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Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

serves about 10-12


for the cake:

1 cup (115g) cocoa powder

1/2 cup (75g) buckwheat flour

1/3 cup (35g) tapioca flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 cups (375ml) almond milk

2/3 cup (160ml) maple syrup

1/4 tsp liquid stevia

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

pinch salt

for the frosting:

1/3 cup (65g) dairy free buttery spread, refrigerated – I used vitalite

2/3 cup (70g) cocoa powder

2 tbsp almond milk

1/4 tsp vanilla powder



  1. Firstly, make the cake. Add the cocoa powder, buckwheat flour, tapioca flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt into a large mixing bowl. Stir together until well mixed. Then, add in the almond milk and maple syrup and mix everything together using a hand whisk until completely smooth.

  2. Next, grease two cake tins with some dairy free buttery spread (I used two 7.5″ (18cm) tins with removable bases). Then, pour half of the mixture into both of the tins. When this is done, transfer the tins into the oven and bake the cakes for 25-30 minutes. You’ll know the cakes are ready when the tops of the sponges have cracks, and you can put a knife into the sponge and it comes out clean.

  3. After the cakes have been baking for about 10 minutes, begin to make the frosting. Firstly, add the coconut sugar into a strong blender/NutriBullet. Blend the coconut sugar until it forms a fine, powdery consistency like icing sugar (this helps the coconut sugar melt into the frosting, making the icing smooth).

  4. Then, add the coconut sugar into your food processor, followed by the cocoa powder, buttery spread, almond milk and vanilla. Mix the ingredients together on a low-medium speed for 4-5 minutes, until the ingredients gradually melt together into a smooth, fudgy consistency. I give my food processor a break after each minute passes, to give it a rest (but the need to do this depends on the strength of your food processor), and to check the frosting’s consistency. When this is done, set the frosting aside somewhere that is at room temperature.

  5. Around this time, the cakes should also be baked and ready to remove from the oven. When they’re ready, remove them from the oven and set them aside to cool.

  6. Then, by the time the cakes have cooled, the icing should have also firmed up to a good spreadable consistency. Remove the cakes from their tins, and place them somewhere ready to frost. Scoop some of the icing on top of one of the sponges, and spread it until smooth and covering the top of it. Then, place the other sponge on top, and cover it with another scoop of the icing. Lastly, use the remaining frosting and spread it around the edge of the cake to cover it completely.

  7. Then, you can either wait for the frosting to completely set (I left mine overnight before eating), or slice and serve it straight away. I also decorated mine with some cocoa powder and cacao nibs to finish.

Gluten Free + Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
Gluten Free + Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
Gluten Free + Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
Gluten Free + Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
Gluten Free + Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cake


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