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Happiness Meditation

Welcome to this meditation and soundscape journey for happiness. This simple 5 minute practice makes the perfect mood boost for whenever you feel you need up lifting. To practice, simply listen to this soundscape and relax as you follow this meditation:

Happiness Meditation:

Take a moment to find a calm, quiet place.

Close down your eyes, and start to focus on your breath, making each inhale and exhale slightly slower and deeper.

On your next inhale, slowly lift your shoulders up towards your ears. As your shoulders begin lifting, bring your mouth into a smile.

Once your inhale is complete, and your shoulders are as high as they can comfortably reach, pause for a second as you hold your smile and your breath. Feel the joy of smiling.

Now, exhale, sighing out from the mouth, and loosely dropping your shoulders back down.

Repeat this smiling breath 2-4 times.

Now, return to a regular breath, in and out of the nose, with a gentle smile as you do so.

Begin to think of someone or something that brings you joy, a fond memory, or something you’re excited about. Notice how this thought increases the sense of joy within you, perhaps now making you smile more.

As you focus on this thought, visualise it as a glowing golden/yellow light of happiness within you. As you focus on this thought, you notice that this light begins to expand, filling your entire body with the energy of happiness.

Here, simply relax into this feeling of joy, as you listen to the soothing and relaxing sounds. Whenever you’re ready, open your eyes and reawaken.

Happiness Meditation
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