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Rose, Vanilla, Orange & Cinnamon Ceremonial Cacao

In this recipe, I use a combination of some of my favourite ingredients which I find really compliment cacao. The rose provides a light, soft note to the powerful rich flavour of cacao. The orange adds a warming, fruity element (and I personally love orange chocolate, so orange is a must for me!). The cinnamon and vanilla add a subtle, natural sweetness which also uplifts the depth of the rich cacao.

A ceremonial dose of cacao is 42g per serving, but in this recipe, I use 25g. I personally find that if you use cacao on a daily or regular basis then 25g is a perfect amount to meditate with in the morning, or connect with to feel that lovely heartwarming boost of energy. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then I suggest using a smaller amount such as 20-25g in general. If you wish to use 42g with this recipe, I recommend adding more water so that it will be less thick.

I hope you enjoy the recipe!

Rose, Vanilla, Orange + Cinnamon Ceremonial Cacao

serves 1


25g ceremonial cacao – I use my Sun + Moon collection cacao

3 tbsp rose water

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp vanilla powder

1/4 tsp orange extract (oil based)

1/2 cup (125ml) boiling water


  1. Boil your kettle to get the water ready for the cacao.

  2. Add your cacao into the blender. If it is a chunk of cacao, blitz until it has broken down into small pieces / a fine consistency.

  3. Add the rose water, cinnamon, vanilla, orange and boiling water into your blender and blend until completely smooth.

  4. Pour your cacao into a mug to serve, and enjoy.


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