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Citrus Grapefruit Lip Butter

Citrus Grapefruit Lip Butter

fills about 15-20 3g tubs:


3 tbsp raw shea butter

1 tbsp mango butter

2 tsp carnauba wax

1 tsp vitamin E oil

1 tsp grapefruit oil

3/4 tsp orange oil

1/2 tsp lemon oil

1/4 tsp lime oil


1. Firstly, fill a medium pan about 1/4 full with water and place onto a medium heat, allowing it to simmer. Then, place a heatproof bowl on top, and add in the shea, mango butter and carnauba. Stir them together now and then, allowing them to melt slowly – don’t let the mixture bubble. The butters will melt within a few minutes, but be patient with the carnauba. Stir the mixture occasionally, and allow it to gradually melt – this can take between 5-10 minutes but it will eventually get there!

2. Then, when this is done, remove the bowl from the heat and set aside.  Add in the Vitamin E oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil, lemon oil and lime oil. Stir it all together so that it’s well mixed. Then, Pour the mixture into a jug (this makes it easier for transferring it into tubs).

3. Lastly, place several individual tubs onto a plate, and pour the mixture from the jug into each one. The amount of tubs needed depends on the size of them. I fill between 15-20 3g tubs – but they are a small size. Then, move the plate of tubs into the fridge, and leave them to cool and set for at least around 1-2 hours. When the butters have set, either keep them in the fridge, or store in a cool, dry place and apply when necessary!

citrus grapefruit lip butter
citrus grapefruit lip butter
citrus grapefruit lip butter
citrus grapefruit lip butter
citrus grapefruit lip butter


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